Crisis Management and Multinational Operations Department

What courses we offer







Partnership Regional Training Centre organises the following courses:



Brigade Staff Officer Course (BSOCACT 624, ETOC LOP-LO-31789) NATO APPROVED

BSOC is a staff course designated for OF-2/3 selected staff to exercise their functions at the brigade (multinational brigade) level in NATO led operations under NATO Art. 5


PSYOPS Practitioners Course (PSYOPS-C, ACT 894, ETOC STC - PO - 36732) NATO APPROVED

To train OR-7 to OF-5 personnel in applying STRATCOM doctrine to perform functions as PSYOPS specialist


Multinational Corps Staff Course (MNCS, ETOC LOP-LO-26698) LISTED

To train the selected personnel in exercising their functions in a MNC HQ to support the planning, preparation and execution of operations, while applying the relevant NATO doctrine, directives and procedures.


NATO Staff Officer (Orientation) Course (NSOOC, ACT.622, ETOC ETE-IT-21792) NATO APPROVED

To familiarize selected personnel with NATO organization and staff procedures in order to enable performing their functions in NATO-led Operations, NATO Command Structures and NATO Force Structures. 


Civil-Military Cooperation Course (CIMIC-C, ACT.808, ETOC CMI-CM-31790) NATO APPROVED

The aim of CIMIC-C is to provide a thorough understanding of the definition, aim, components, principal tasks, functions and organization of CIMIC.





The Crisis Management Training Centre organises the following courses:



Advanced Joint Operations Staff Officers Course (AJOSOC, ETOC JPL-OP-31788) LISTED

The aim of AJOSOC is to train selected officers, ranking from Major to Colonel, or their civilian equivalents, for command and staff appointments in a joint and multinational environment.


Crisis Management Course (CMC, ACT 621, ETOC ETE-CM-3840) NATO APPROVED

The aim of CMC is to train professionals who will serve in the broad area of crisis management and will have to interact with national and international agencies involved in crisis management.


Peace Support Operations Course (PSOC, ACT.625, ETOC MCP-LA-3833) NATO APPROVED

The aim of PSOC is to give selected officers and civilians an understanding of concepts, planning and conduct of PSO and to familiarize them with current staff procedures in order to enable them to work within a NATO led multinational Headquarters.


Stability, Security, Transition & Reconstruction Operations Course (SSTROC, ACT.623, ETOC ETE-CM-31793) NATO APPROVED

The aim of SSTROC is to give selected personnel, military and civilian an understanding of the concepts, planning and conduct of SSTR operations in order to enable them to work within or to a NATO or coalition multinational Headquarters during stabilization operations.


Comprehensive Operational Planning Course (COPC, ETOC JPL-OP-22005) LISTED

To train OF-1 to OF-5 staff in applying NATO operational planning procedures and techniques to perform their duties as generic or functional area planners in NCS and NFS HQs, while applying the relevant NATO doctrine and directives.                               


Euro Atlantic Security and Crisis Management (EASCM) - Advanced Distributed Learning (on-line)